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Perhaps you have tried yoga in the past and didn’t feel it was right for you... I don't look good in leggings... I'm too old... too stiff... I don't know if I do it right in online class... I don't have time... I have injuries...

Does this sound like you? Would you like some me-time...some guidance... a chance to stop for an hour, stretch, breathe and find space to just be?  


The truth is that yoga is for EVERY body. There are many styles available so it's important to find a practice that suits your body, that you enjoy, and it leaves you  feeling good for a few days. 

If you work from home or at the desk for hours, Yoga for Back Care will ease out the muscular tensions, strengthen and balance your posture without involving pretzel shaped poses. Restorative Yoga uses lots of cushions, belts and blankets to support your body in a few comfortable lying down poses which let you profoundly rest. 

Meeting yourself on your mat, paying attention to yourself and finding out what you need to feel at ease, is a kindness we could all do with in these times.

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